Our Congregation

We offer and encourage Christian fellowship. Numerous dinners, activities, and opportunities are provided for members and friends to gather and to experience the Christian life together, to serve, to share and comfort. Fellowship in small and large groups provides a great atmosphere for the growth of Christian relationship

Worship Services

Grace is back to regular worship services. We will be complying any CAL/OSHA guidelines regarding COVID-19. The English service meets at 8:00 am and 10:30 am. Lahu-shi service meets at 10:30 am. For the most current information regarding church services and events contact the church office at 559-734-7694. 

Small Groups

College and Career

For all you college and career people, if you're under 40 (sorry, had to make the cutoff somewhere) then come hang out with us! We will be meeting monthly on the last Sunday. The location is TBA so stay tuned to the bulletin/website/facebook for more information! Or call Ashton Shoenhair 559-303-5133

Young Married Couples Group

We host a young married couples group that participates in bi-annual weekend getaways and weekly couples bible studies. Come hang out with us as we do life together! Contact David Shoenhair 559-303-5133

Do Sa-Ngo Lutheran Church

In Mubaan Doi Sa-Ngo village in Thailand, where Deacon Chomwee is serving God, there are about 40 houses of Ahka Hill tribe with a population of 1,400 people living on the Doi Sa-Ngo mountain. 14 people have already come to faith and in the future it is hoped that God will grant faith to all the people in this village. Most of the villages worship spirits and their ancestors. The community is grouped according to their faith. The villagers are rice farmers, grow corn, and vegetables for their living and have no land of their own.